Yuri Silantiev Academic Grand Concert Orchestra


       Yu. Silantyev Academic Grand Concert Orchestra widely known in our country. In 2005, orchestra celebrated the 60 anniversary of creative activity. As a tireless advocate for domestic and foreign music, the orchestra became one of the most popular bands in the country. Records on the radio, among which a great number of new works participate in the programs of the Central Television, appearances on major concert stages of the country - all this indicates rich artistic life team. The unusually wide range of repertoire the orchestra: it is scaling oratorios opera and symphonic works, jazz pieces, miniatures and pop songs.
       Genre versatility, possessing a variety of performing styles, a high degree of professionalism have enabled the staff to become the first interpreter of works by many composers. Extensive concert activities in the country and the successful tour abroad (Germany, Poland, Czechoslovakia, Romania, Finland, Cuba, Italy, Israel) have contributed to the growth and strengthening the credibility of the musical orchestra. Thus, at music festivals, held under the auspices of an international radio organization "OIRT" Prague and Leipzig, he was considered the best.
       The creative team formation is linked with the name of a remarkable musician, founder of the orchestra - Victor Knushevitsky. But the real recognition of the orchestra has received while working with the People's Artist of the USSR Yuri Vasil'evich Silantiev from 1958 to 1983. Prevailing under the influence of these musicians are living traditions in the team today. Since 1983, Alexander Petukhov successfully worked with the orchestra. Then in January 1989, Murad Magomedovich Kazhlaev started to work there as artistic director and chief conductor Murad Kazhlaev is composer, professor, People's Artist of USSR, Laureate of State Prize of Russia Glinka and Dagestan. The long friendship united the creative team with a talented musician and identified ways to further joint work.
       With the orchestra performed many well-known singers: M. Bieshu, I. Bogacheva, L. Zykina, G. Ots, V. Atlantov, A. Vedernikov, 3. Sotkilava, A. Eisenach, M. Magomaev, A. Voroshilo and popular singers - art song promoters: B. Tolkunova, N. Bregvadze, I. Kobzon, L. Leshchenko, R. Ibragimov, S. Penkin, Z. Tutov and others. Especially remember the team of joint concerts with Mireille Mathieu and the American jazz singer Marilyn Walton.
       Creative recovery programs, high performance art - these are the components of today's success of Yu. Silantiev Academic Grand Concert Orchestra.

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